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September 01, 2014

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AFA Encourages Meeting to Resolve Issues/Making Sure We Keep the Second Bite at the Apple
Posted On: Nov 22, 2013
AFA US Airways E-Line - November 22, 2013

In this Edition:
  • AFA Encourages Meeting to Resolve Issues
  • Making Sure We Keep the Second Bite at the Apple
AFA Encourages Meeting to Resolve Issues

AFA continues to believe that AFA and APFA should sit down to resolve our outstanding issues of seniority, bargaining and representation.  For that reason the AFA committee plans to be in New York City next week ready to take part in our previously scheduled meeting with APFA. By separate communication, AFA US Airways President Roger Holmin has once again invited APFA President Laura Glading to set aside our differences and in the best interests of 24,000 Flight Attendants at the New American meet to resolve our issues.

The overwhelming feedback we are receiving is Flight Attendants want AFA and APFA to figure out a solution to our outstanding issues. We cannot do that if we do not meet, which is why for the last several months, we have been pressing APFA to sit down to resolve the issues between our two unions. 

APFA is taking the position since we engaged in discussions prior to the DOJ lawsuit which did not result in a final, signed agreement they will not engage in talks now. The key reason we were not able to reach an agreement this summer is we need to negotiate an alternative to the process in the Concessionary Labor Agreement. We can achieve a process which utilizes the best of both contracts and does not require further concessions from Flight Attendants who have already sacrificed so much.

We are hopeful we can meet at our previously scheduled time next week and we are willing to continue our meeting over the Thanksgiving holiday, if necessary. We believe this is the best forum for reaching agreement. However, if it requires a public forum to get agreement to meet on how we will best work together and utilize our bargaining leverage to the benefit of 24,000 Flight Attendants, then our negotiating committee remains ready to do that as well.

Bottom line: Members want us to meet. We will be there next week and we encourage APFA representatives to join us.

Making Sure We Keep the Second Bite at the Apple

Earlier this year we ratified our contract to expand our job protections, increase pay and get a seat at the table to achieve a second bite at the apple. This merger is our golden moment to achieve real gains in compensation and quality of life. It’s our opportunity to bargain for additional improvements and the best possible contract at the world’s largest airline. Our contract provides the foundation and leverage to do that.

Our two airlines are joining together to create a more powerful alliance and we as Flight Attendants can do the same. We can maximize the leverage of our contract to achieve our fair share of the benefits of this merger. This is about the quality of our lives, total benefit package, safety in the workplace, work rules and longevity.

Over the course of six months APFA has agreed to meet with AFA a handful of days to discuss a mutual agreement that meets the needs of all 24,000 Flight Attendants at the new American. Those discussions did not produce an agreement that protects the US Airways contract and the right of all 24,000 Flight Attendants to negotiate an industry-leading agreement for our fair share of the benefits of the merger.

There has never been an agreement between AFA and APFA because US Airways Flight Attendants would face concessions under the terms APFA negotiated with US Airways management. We cannot allow AFA members to face concessions at a time of record profits for the industry. Now is the time to work together to rebuild our careers.

We understand that APFA members have had a hard time over the last decade. Their union leaders tried diligently to negotiate a contract without result for four years and then had to face additional concessions in bankruptcy. Within that context and the inability of APFA to reach an agreement with improvements it is understandable that industry average sounds acceptable. When it was negotiated they had no idea AFA members would achieve a contract with leverage to achieve more. But we did. And now we need to work together to make the most out of it.

AFA presented a proposal for a true merger of our unions which respects the history and culture of each group while increasing our bargaining power. With this merger of unions we can achieve a bargaining process that maximizes the leverage provided by the two contracts. We stand ready to discuss with APFA how to lift the standards of our careers.

We fought too long and too hard to let management throw out our contract and deny our opportunity for a second bite at the apple.

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