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August 30, 2014

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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair


Safety News for April-May 2013
Posted On: Apr 28, 2013

Safety - the Ultimate Service

Safety... The Ultimate Service
AFA US Airways Safety, Health and Security News

Issue 6

   April 28, 2013

Past Issues  

Dear Members,

Here are a few air safety, health and security reminders...

  • When checking oxygen bottles, be sure the tubing is attached to the high flow.

  • The coat hooks behind the last row of seat in F/C are for light weight coats.  Garment bags should be placed in an overhead bin.

  • During boarding of any aircraft, flight attendants should be available in the aisle(s) to assist passengers. To comply with regulations flight attendants should remain in the vicinity forward or aft of their assigned door(s). Remaining in the vicinity allows flight attendants to move half of the distance between their assigned exit(s) and the and the exit(s) forward or aft of their exit(s).

  • During boarding of any aircraft, flight attendants can leave their door assignments to assist passengers temporarily and then return to their assigned door assignment when possible.

  • C-FA on the A321 does the safety demonstration at the 2L/2R doors.  The A-FA does the safety demonstration in two places (the first row of F/C and the first row in the main cabin).

  • If no E-FA is staffed on the A321, A-FA moves to inboard jumpseat.

  • No "ALL CALL" is required on the A330 aircraft for departure or arrival. OAH 10-1-3 and FAM 5-4-20 and FAM 5-4-22.

  • Play the entire Safety Demo Video on all video equipped aircraft including the Spanish translation

  • Use flight 9999 for all domestic flights when programming the TEAC digital video player

  • It is against company policy to use your personal products to clean ovens. They could cause damage and possibly create a fire or harmful fumes!

  • Proper stowage dictates for taxi, takeoff and landing nothing on windscreen or open cavities. All items must be stowed properly. 14CFR Part 121.577

  • Shades on aircraft doors must be open for taxi, takeoff and landing. There is no regulation regarding cabin window (including over wing exits) shades to be open.

  • All trash trolleys and stationary refuse bin top lids are to be closed for taxi, takeoff and landing.

  • Monitor and Challenge is to be done in full all the time!

  • After completing the safety demonstration on taxi and you are not addressing a safety matter, you should be seated in your jumpseat  (with lap and shoulder harness fastened and ready for takeoff.

  • In being proactive in dealing with turbulence, be sure to close and lock any open compartment after opening them.  When forewarned by the flight deck crew about turbulence, be sure and heed the warning.

  • Galley carts and container compartments are equipped with redundant latching system.

    • 14 CFR Part 121.576

    • All galley cart latches must be secured with cart brakes engaged, all carriers doors closed and latched for taxi, take-off, landing and anytime a cart or carrier is not in use. FAM 9-2-8

  • The standard for CPR rescue has been revised from ABC to CAB- Compression-Airway-Breathing.  Be sure and review Alert Bulletin 04-2013. This is a good item to discuss and review in pre-flight briefing.

  • Points to remember when dealing with a medical situation away from the gate or inflight.

    • MedLink provides direct contact with specially trained physicians

    • Call MedLink for direction of the use of medical equipment onboard, including oxygen

    • Use the aft phone (if installed) to directly contact MedLink

    • MedLink provides liability to the company for actions taken

    • Call MedLink even when medical volunteer(s) are onboard, as MedLink is our company's Medical Advisor

      • The medical volunteer has the medical training to act on MedLink's direction, including use of the EEMK contents.

    • A/C with aft galley phone: FAs initiate contact to OCC/MedLink

    • A/C without aft galley phone: The flightdeck initiates contact with OCC/MedLink

  • Your new Air Quality cards are in your individual AFA mail file. The card has been revised. They are black ink on green card stock paper. Destroy any other air quality card you may have in your possession.

  • An update version of the Hotel/Transportation Incident Form is now available on the Wings page. The purpose of this form is to ensure proper follow up and accountability for hotels or vendors.

    • Log into Wings

    • Scroll down to Inflight Services (on the left side of the page)

    • Click on 'FORMS' (located on the top of the page in blue)

    • Then  scroll down to 'Crew Accommodations'

    • Under 'Crew Accommodations' you will see 'Hotel/Transportation Incident Report'


"Safety is the ultimate customer service!"


Submitted by Barrington Johnson

MEC ASHS Chairperson


AFA/CWA SASH Committee Representatives

Useful Safety Links:

AFA National Office Website:

AFA Air Safety, Health and Security Department (ASHSD)

Self Defense Training:

2013 AFA US Airways Safety, Health & Security Committee

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