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August 21, 2014

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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair


Posted On: Jan 28, 2013

Crew Accommodations Committee

AFA US Airways MEC Crew Accommodations Committee Report

AFA US Airways MEC Hotel Committee
Jody Compton, Chair
(724) 719-0936

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International Flight Attendant Hotel Committee Conference
Back Row - Mark Messinger, DCA, Donna Chamberlain, CLT
Front Row - Dan Sampey, PHL, Jody Compton MEC Chair, and David McCullar PHX.
Not pictured, Mark Gentile, CLT and Paul Foran, PHL

The most current hotel information will be available on the first of each month for download or to print. Crewmembers will still be notified via Crew Must Read or CBS messages in the event of a hotel change or update.



For those of you who read my previous e-line regarding Boston and the fluctuation of rooms we need there from one night to the next, often times the same issue applies to some other cities, including PHL. Our long overnight hotel there cannot always accommodate as many rooms per night as we require so the company has placed the overflow in another hotel downtown. The decision to place which crew in which hotels is by and large predicated on scheduling ease as well as transportation. This decision is NEVER based on which, if any, hotels offer smoking rooms or the size of the hotel rooms or any other arbitrary matter that is not addressed in our collective bargaining agreement.


Speaking of smoking rooms, our long FRA is going to all NON-SMOKING this month. Anyone who smokes in a non-smoking room in this hotel (or any other) is subject to a very hefty fee for the room to be deep-cleaned. As always, if you enter a room that smells like smoke, immediately leave, go back to the front desk and ask for another room so you are not blamed for and charged for smoking in a non-smoking room. We have had numerous charges for crewmembers smoking in non-smoking rooms. Unfortunately, if this continues, some of our nicest hotels may simply decide it is cost prohibitive to house crew and we may lose the contract. It is very unfair for everyone to pay the price for a select few who cannot follow the rules. Hotels are all going non-smoking in much the same way airlines did in the not so distant past. It is certainly the wave of the future and will probably happen in our lifetime. I understand the frustration smokers must feel at this but our negotiated contract language guarantees all flight attendants a non-smoking room. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the CBA that guarantees a smoking room. In order for that to change, new language would have to be introduced into the CBA. It is often difficult enough to ensure the hotels the company choose, conform to the parameters of the language we DO have.


MSY: After the last hurricane, our short overnight hotel here was out of commission. The company was placing all crew in the long hotel but that didn't work well. They have tried 2 different hotels to try to get us through until our incumbent was up and running again. There is light at the end of this tunnel (after the Superbowl) when we should be back in our incumbent.


RDU - Long: In terms of percentages this hotel has become our most complained about hotel, by far. I hear you. I agree with you. I am trying to convince the company that we should be placed in a clean, comfortable hotel that is "close to restaurants, shopping, etc" and with any luck at all actually provides cell phone service inside the hotel. Thank you for all the input you have given us here. I will keep you updated.


Social Media: Just a quick word of warning here. Anything placed on any social media site can be traced back to the person who wrote it, ANYTHING. Please keep that in mind when posting items about hotels. Some of us are treading potentially dangerous waters when it comes to litigation. Once something is in print, it is there forever. Also, if you have a complaint about a hotel, the proper protocol is to go to "Wings", "Inflight Services", "Crew Accommodations" and fill out the proper form. That is the only way we can address any issues or put an end to any untrue rumors.


Speaking of rumors, brand name hotels must adhere to brand standards. This includes, but is not limited to, updating and replacing bedding. When you see a hotel replacing beds floor by floor, please do not assume it is because they have bedbugs. They do not. When bedbugs are confirmed in a hotel, they replace the beds in that room and possibly the rooms on either side of the affected room, not the entire hotel so, should you see this happening, please do not say at the front desk, in a loud voice, "I HEARD YOU'RE REPLACING ALL THE BEDS BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEDBUGS HERE". Seriously, they just don't have a sense of humor concerning bedbugs.


DEN Long: We will be changing hotels here, again. Prior to 2005 we were staying in downtown DEN on all our long overnights. After the America West merger we were placed in their hotel which was at Stapleton (used to be an) Airport. Obviously, east was not happy with this since it was a clear violation of our negotiated contract language and the company finally put us back downtown in a lovely little boutique property, The Curtis Hotel. We were all very happy here when, prior to our contract expiring, the company unexpectedly, and with no apparent reason, pulled us out of there. We did a site inspection and all agreed on the equally very lovely downtown Sheraton where our crews were immediately placed. Unfortunately, the hotel and company could not agree on the contract terms and we were booted out of there and again placed at Stapleton for long overnights. AFA quickly filed a grievance since this hotel (although very nice) is not "Close to shopping, restaurants, etc.", even though there is both a Home Depot AND a Wal-Mart across a 4 lane highway. We completed a site inspection again last week and AFA has approved another downtown hotel. It is now up to the company to make the decision. Obviously, if the company puts crew into the AFA approved hotel, we will immediately drop the grievance. Stay tuned.


GIG: I have just been informed the hotel is asking crewmembers to fill out a new card upon check-in asking for all their personal information, including: Name, Phone Number, e-mail, a credit card and, most alarmingly, Social Security Number. Under NO circumstance should anyone ever give out a social security number to anyone, including and especially a hotel. I have asked the Director of Crew Accommodations to insist the hotel immediately stop this practice. In the interim, if they want an address, give them the 5500 Josh Birmingham address of the CLT airport or make one up but never ever give out your Social Security Number. The only time you need to leave a credit card number is if you are planning on charging any incidentals such as room service or an in-room movie, etc.


In closing, to quote Isaac Asimov "The only thing constant is change". We have quite a few changes coming. My committee and I will continue to work hard so that our members can rest easy. I thank you all for the unwavering support you have shown me in some difficult times. Your kind words, phone calls, and emails in appreciation of our work means more to us than you can ever know.


Jody Compton

AFA-CWA MEC Crew Accommodations Chair
(724) 719-0936

Jody Compton

AFA MEC Crew Accommodations Chair – (724) 719-0936

Mark Messinger

(DCA) (954) 661-5032

Dan Sampey

(PHL Domestic) (610) 529-4061

Paul Foran

(PHL International) (617) 750-5726

Mark Gentile

(CLT Domestic) (412) 607-5445

Donna Chamberlain

(CLT International)

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