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August 22, 2014

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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair


Benefits Update - January 2013 - Social Security Disability, Short Term Disability Option, Compression Stockings & Durable Medical Equipment and Providers Losing a Contract
Posted On: Jan 23, 2013

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January 23, 2013    

  • Benefits Update January 2013

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Dear Members,

Benefits Update January 2013


1. Social Security Disability


A reminder to those flight attendants who have qualified and are currently on Social Security Disability. You must send a copy of your 2013 Social Security award letter to Rick Carpenter at In-flight Administration in Phoenix to remain on the system seniority list. There is an April 1, 2013 deadline to submit the letter. You may block out the award amount you are receiving. Inflight Administration must be informed that you are approved for Social Security Disability. This is an annual requirement. Failure to do so by the deadline will result in your removal from the Flight Attendant System Seniority list.


Mail to:

Rick Carpenter

4000 Sky Harbor BLVD.


Phoenix, Arizona, 85034

Or FAX 480-693-5425


2. Short Term Disability Option


Materials explaining the new optional Short Term Disability Plan are being finalized. Once completed, this information will be sent to all flight attendants at their home address. The mailing should occur during the first quarter of 2013 with an enrollment period to follow.


3. Compression Stockings and Durable Medical Equipment


Recently the National Blue Cross Blue Shield organization changed their policy for ordering Durable Medical Equipment (DME). The new policy requires you order DME from a supplier in the state where you reside. United Health Care does not have this policy.


This new policy means that flight attendants who purchase an item such as compression stockings (DME), must purchase them from a provider in the state where you live. This change is for those flight attendants that have Blue Cross Blue Shield as your health insurance provider. In this case, although both health insurance companies allow for DME purchase of compression stockings, the provider ordering requirements are different.     

4. Providers Losing a Contract

Occasionally a Provider may lose their contract with either United Health Care or Blue Cross Blue Shield.  This is strictly an issue between the provider (hospital, clinic, etc.) and the insurance carrier. Usually this occurs during contract negotiations when discussing reimbursement amounts. Sometimes a provider may request a higher reimbursement amount for providing a service than other providers in the area.  The insurance company may disagree with the increase and refuse to renew the contract once the provider’s contract expires. The provider then becomes an out of network provider.  You can still go to that provider for care, but you will pay higher deductibles and out of pocket expenses.


In Solidarity,


Paul Frishkorn

MEC Benefits Chairperson


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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair.

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