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August 27, 2014

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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair


Uniform News - Pre-Snowfall Edition
Posted On: Dec 02, 2012

From The Hanger...the US Airways MEC Uniform Newsletter

AFA US Airways MEC Uniform Committee Newsletter

From the Hanger

Pre-Snowfall Edition


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Issue 8 - December 2, 2012

...the US Airways MEC Uniform Newsletter

Dear Members,

Pre-Snowfall Edition

Washington D.C. Capital Building
Washington D.C. Capital Building

Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square

If you got'em wear'em if you don't go get one. Holiday attire items can be worn starting December 01, 2012 through January 02, 2013. For a list of appropriate holiday attire items please check out the P&PM on wings for the company issued guidelines.

Heavy Gauge Sweaters have arrived and are being delivered. An IT issue on the TwinHill website has shown that sweaters are backordered until March 2013. This is incorrect. Sweaters are being delivered now with a delivery time between 2 to 4 weeks after the order is placed. We have only encountered four orders that are taking longer than 4 weeks due to being an uncommon size. So place your orders. Remember that the first sweater must be purchased by you and all future sweaters will be replaced via the wear and tear process. Sweaters are running true to size to the current knit wear cardigan in the uniform program. So if you wear a medium you will want to order a medium. However, if you want to be absolutely sure about the fit try one on at you bases uniform fit line. Information on the location and times of operation are available at the crew service centers in your base. Orders may be placed using Credit Card, Payroll Deduction, Account Credit or a combination of Credit Card/Account Credit. Account Credit will be the balance amount that you may have left from the original $850.00 that was given to each flight attendant at the start of this uniform program. Please keep in mind that those account credits will be zeroed out at the end of 2012. Don't throw away your money. If you have account credits use them or you'll lose them.

Phoenix Avenue of Lights

With the New Year coming upon us at the speed of light it is a time for starting anew. A great way to do that is with new uniform pieces. YEAH! Who doesn't like new clothes? So, ask yourself this question... with your uniform on take a twirl in front of that full length mirror in your house. If you don't have a mirror or you're not the kind of person who twirls ask your BFF. If your BFF isn't available for a consultation try asking the crew mate sitting on the jump seat next to you who has no filter when it comes to their thoughts... How do I look? (You may want to have a tissue handy if you choose option three). Whatever option you choose if your uniform pieces are looking dull, a little gray, shiny, or (I'm just going to say it) pushing the seams beyond their limits maybe it's time to place an order. It's simple, fast and easy to do. Just go to your crew service center with the uniform pieces you DO NOT NEED and place your order for all of the items you do need. Turn the old one you have with you over to the crew service center and bring in the rest when the new ones arrive. You have 14 days after your new uniform pieces arrive to drop off any outstanding old pieces. Failure to do so will convert those items from company expense to employee expense. So remember to take them in.

Charlotte Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Q & A:

Q: Do I have to wear the company scarf or can I wear my own? I don't think its warm enough for a lot of the places we go to.
A: No, you don't have to wear the company scarf. Yes, you can wear your own. However, your own scarf must be blue, black or gray and of a conservative style. Thank you for your question.

Q: Last month my crew was checked by the FAA and two of us were told we had too many bags. Crew members are exempt from bag limitations aren't they?
A: Yes and no. Crew members are exempt from the one carry on and one personal item the passengers are held to, but you are limited to one carry on, one tote, one personal item. Please keep in mind that your lunch tote bags, manuals, and coats do not count in the three items. Thank you for your question.

Paris France Eiffel Tower

Rome Italy Coliseum

On behalf of Leslie and I and our MEC counter parts on the West, Robyn and Bob, we would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.

Fly Safe and Fly Fast!

Brian Morgan MEC US Uniform Chair (Male)


Leslie Roecklein MEC Uniform Chair (Female)


(To reach your local council representative please contact your local LEC office)


Copyright 2012 MEC Uniform Newsletter

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