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September 02, 2014

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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair


January 2013 Primary Lines of Flying
Posted On: Nov 14, 2012

AFA - CWA US Airways MEC E-Line

AFA - CWA US Airways MEC E-Line - "Staying Informed"

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November 14, 2012    

  • January Primary Lines of Flying
  • Accessing Wings

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Dear Members,

January 2013 Primary Lines: The Manager of Crew Scheduling, John Petronzi set the maximums in ALL bases at 85 hrs of Company time. The blocking objective was a flight attendant window of 70-85 hrs.

January SAP: PHL opens November 24th at 1800 and closes November 30th at 1800.  CLT and DCA open November 24th at 1800 and closes December 1st at 1800.  The SAP non-high option window is MAX of 85 and MIN of 60.  SAP: Jan 1st is a Protected Holidays - A drop on a protected holiday trip is based on the percentage of  "Open Positions" on such holiday resulting from all known drops on that date (VAC, TRN, MED, etc) prior to SAP opening. If the "Open Positions" are under 15% a drop that touches the 1st may occur.  If the "Open Positions" are greater than 15% the drop is denied. Remember:  Most holiday drops rely heavily on another f/a wanting to ADD a holiday trip via a chain link award or flight attendants wanting to ADD a holiday trip which lowers the open time position percentage to below 15%.

Secondary Lines for January: The lines will open December 7th at 1800 and close December 12th at 1800.  Any Secondary lineholder that wishes more Company time (to a max of 85) may use the Secondary Line Augmentation process which opens on December 14th and closes December 21st.

Reserves January: The maximum for the bid month will be 85 hrs; therefore, a reserve may call out of time at 80:01.

TI/Line Lead-ins Trips: The Pilots Scheduling Committee built TI lines with a blocking window of 70 to 89 and put in one day trips to met the average they needed. In Primary Lines we cannot use this extended window because flight attendant Primary windows are 70-85, 75-90 and 80-95 by the CBA.  Further, we cannot add day trips to TI lines because of the LODO’s and different crew complements. Therefore, to make as many TI lines as possible inserting line lead-in (dummy time) trips was devised and put in the CBA. For an explanation of the flexibility that exists when a line lead in trip is inserted and how line obligation works visit WINGS-INFLIGHT. Use the Blue Bidding ICON at the top of the page. Under the heading Bidding Information find the article titled Primary Lines with lead in trips

January 2013 Pilot Permanent Bid: The pilot permanent bid  numbers are the same as November and December.  However, some pairings have changed because the Company switched "aircraft types" servicing some destinations in the beginning of the month.  As a result, the pilot scheduling committee put together different language destinations  into their lines which we can not combine because of the LODO position.  As always, whenever possible pilot lines are built the same for flight attendants. The Pilot Scheduling Committee builds lines to comply with the posted permanent bid. Next, the remaining "FAD - FAI - 33F" open time, left by the pilot scheduling committee, is made into "F/A only lines".  The remaining "open time" differs from BP to BP; therefore, the amount of extra lines varies, over and above the number of lines called for in the pilot permanent bid.  Next the 21M/7IM trips,  made by Crew Planners in PHX, are put into separate lines and added to the numbers associated with the pilot permanent bid and F/A only lines. After adding all Non LODO Primary positions together the results are:

DCA: Primary lineholders equals 198.

CLT: Is down 34 positions over the previous bid period. Primary Non-LODO lineholders equals 1324.

PHL: Is down 14 positions over the previous bid period.  Primary Non-LODO lineholders equals  1239.

21M Ratio: The Manpower Department in PHX allowed the computer to produce the 21M trips in a "free flow" manner.  The results were: 49% to CLT and  51% to PHL.

This document was created by John Petronzi-Manager-Flight Attendant Scheduling and Carol Austin-MEC Scheduling Chairperson to assist flight attendants in understanding the process utilized in monthly line construction.

Carol Austin MEC Scheduling Chair


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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair.

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