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January 13, 2009

Dear Members,
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Manager of Onboard Revenue, Jim Clack, had the below letter placed in all Flight Attendants' mail files yesterday. The letter states that if you are unable to make the deposit of onboard revenue due to "an irregular situation or unforeseen circumstance after the completion of your trip you should contact your supervisor..."

The main focus of this message is to address Mr. Clack's "notification process" for "missing or delayed" deposits. Before I do that, let me speak a bit about the first paragraph of the letter-which says volumes about what this Company now believes to be job description of their Flight Attendants.

"All US Airways employees share in the responsibility of revenue generation and the avoidance of revenue loss".

US Airways Flight Attendants are hired, trained and work as FAA certified Safety Professionals. The Company has chosen to believe their new business model of charging customers for everything but the air they breathe (currently under review) somehow turns Flight Attendants into a sales force and the customers into captive-seat belted in-consumers. The Union maintains the position that Flight Attendants are not revenue generators but are onboard to protect the lives of the customers who pay a fare to get from point A to point B-not sell products for Company profit.

Clearly the Company is entitled to receive the onboard revenue as soon as possible. Just as clear, is the fact the Company has a contract they are required to abide by. Our contract provides for several instances which the Union would argue would not require the notification process outlined in the Company's new policy.

  • Section 9.G.6 - Last Live Leg

This provision allows another Flight Attendant to fly the last leg of your pairing as long as contractual legalities are met. Since it is the responsibility of the "A" or purser to turn in the deposit, the deposit is not handed over to another Flight Attendant for deposit. The long standing past practice has been to make the deposit upon the Flight Attendant's subsequent return to his/her domicile.

  • Section 2.S and T. - Trip and Duty Time

These provisions define both Trip and Trip hours. Section 2.T states a Flight Attendant is released (from duty) a minimum of fifteen (:15) minutes (domestic)/ thirty (:30) minutes (international) after the actual arrival at his/her domicile for a minimum rest period.

This means that after the applicable release time, a Flight Attendant is no longer on duty. No longer on duty means no longer being paid. No longer being paid means no further duties are required or expected. Flight Attendants do not work for free - when their duty time ends, it ends and home they go, Brinks Safe visit or not. Now, if the Company wants to keep the duty time running, the Union would be open to that discussion.

  • Last Leg Deadhead

In addition there is a long past practice on the East of not having to fly our deadheads upon the origination or termination of a pairing. The practice is so ingrained that it has become memorialized in the single agreement negotiations. In this instance, not flying a deadhead that is the last leg of the pairing is no different than the "Last Live Leg" provision. The deposit will be made upon the Flight Attendants subsequent return to domicile.

None of the three scenarios discussed above qualify as an "irregular situation or unforeseen circumstance" that would warrant the notification of a delayed deposit.

Once again management has decided that policy can "trump" the Flight Attendant Agreement and the Union will not stand for it. Just because it is PHX, does not mean managers can just "shoot from the hip".

The letter also implies a veiled threat that if notification of a delayed deposit is not received you may be contacted regarding a "missing or delayed deposit". If the Company wants to contact a Flight Attendant regarding a deposit the Company can send a CBS message to the Flight Attendant who can view that message upon their check-in for their next trip.

Of course any other "irregular situations or unforeseen circumstances", should be reported, but offhand, I can't think of any.


Thank you,

Mike Flores, President
The US Airways Master Executive Council


January 9, 2009

To All Flight Attendants:

Over the past several months, InFlight Services has placed a tremendous emphasis on increasing onboard revenues along with enhancing our onboard sales. All US Airways employees ultimately shared in the responsibility of revenue generation and the avoidance of revenue loss.

The implementation of the Brinks CompuSafes throughout the system allows us to observe daily deposit transactions for every US Airways flight. Now that this information is available, we can better understand Onboard Revenue trends throughout the system. This effort ensures that we are achieving the best possible performances in all aspects of our operation and our Company.

As a friendly reminder, per Flight Attendant Policies & Procedures, you are required to deposit your Onboard Revenue sales upon the termination of your trip. Please refer to the section below:

Section 3.12 of the FAPP reads as follows:

"Trip Termination"
"Complete and submit all applicable paperwork including Safety Event Reports. "A" (domestic)/ Purser T/A must deposit the completed Onboard Revenue Reports (ORRs) into the Brinks Compusafe at his/her base upon trip termination. "A" is responsible for depositing the completed ORRs for Coach Class."

If you are unable to perform your deposit transaction due to an irregular or unforeseen circumstance after the completion of your trip. you should contact your Supervisor or Jim Clack, Manager, OnBoard Revenue at or 1-800-327-0117+2+5+7. Be sure to leave a detailed message with your name, employee number, trip number, trip origination date, safe location, deposit amount, reason & explanation of irregularity. This will eliminate the need for us to contact you regarding a missing or delayed deposit.

Jim Clack Manager OnBoard Revenue


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