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February 04, 2008

Dear Members,
  • AFA Membership Election Information
  • Accessing The Hub
  • AFA Local Numbers

AFA Membership Election InformationAFA now offers a one-stop information website for your LEC and MEC AFA-CWA election needs. Here, you can find answers to your questions about Eligibility to vote, Voting procedures/FAQ's, Election schedules, Nomination results, Election results and much more.

Here you will find... "Contact me for a Commitment to Serve" electronic form - this may be used by members who did not complete a commitment to serve. This form sends an email to Irell Thompson at Membership stating that you wish to be contacted about having your name placed on the ballot.

There are links to the Ballot Point site, the AFA-CWA on line dues payment site; the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws; and the Department of Labor Guide to Union Elections as well as an FAQ that will answer questions that you may have about our election process.

If your Council is not currently in an election cycle, your Council's site will read: "The current term of office runs through (example) June 30, 2010. The election process begins approximately 120 days before the end of the term." Also listed on this page are the current officers and a link to your LEC or MEC website.

It is our hope that this site will be useful to you the members during elections.

Thank you,

AFA-CWA Board of Directors, International Officers


AFA USAirways Website

Accessing The Hub: 
Logging in the first time your user name is u0(zero) and your five digit employee number. Your initial password is the first five digits of your social security number. Questions about the Hub? Please contact the EDS Help Desk at 336-744-6000 for assistance. More information can also be found HERE.

AFA Local Numbers

Council 40 PIT 412-245-1214
Council 41 DCA 703-212-8090
Council 69 BOS 781-289-8454
Council 70 PHL 215-492-0840
Council 82 LGA 315-736-3483
Council 89 CLT 704-527-0325

New Hotline Number Toll Free: 866-USA-AFA2
US AIRWAYS Benefits Information 800-872-4780

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