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August 21, 2014

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Information contained within, provided by your MEC officers Roger Holmin, Mark Gentile, and Glenda Talley. See local information, on your respective local page. All information posted by the Communications Chair


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What's New at AFA/CWA
AFA US Airways MEC Air Safety, Health & Security Update
As a working crewmember, your FAM and OAH should be located at or near your assigned jump seat position. If you are on a different pairing and one of the required/core position Flight Attendant has been removed from duty, the Flight Attendant on the different pairing, MUST move into one of the required position to fill the vacant slot. Read More...
Non-Rev Travel Policy Changes Delayed Until Mid-September
Yesterday evening, the Company issued the following statement on Wings regarding the upcoming Non-Rev Travel Changes: "You won’t have to wait much longer for the next phase of non-rev travel. In mid-September, we will be moving to the new boarding priority, time of check-in and Dual Access. Read More...
Joint Negotiating Committee Update – August 15, 2014
This week, the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) continued negotiations with the Company in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Read More...
October 2014 Domicile Transfer Award/Annual Vacation Buyback
.
Understanding the Path to a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement
Next week will mark the 30-day countdown to our expedited contract as laid out in the Negotiations Protocol Agreement with the final day of bargaining scheduled for September 19th. The process that APFA, AFA and AA have crafted is different than any negotiations process we’ve seen before. Read More...
PBS Training and Mock Bids Continue/Phase 2 Merger CBT Deadline Approaching
As work progresses on the Preferential Bidding System (PBS), Flight Attendants should take time now to complete the PBS CBT which has been extended through October 31st. Read More...
Joint Negotiating Committee Update - Highlights of T/As Reached to Date Available Online
You will soon receive an AFA/APFA mailing to your home address on file describing the process as we enter the final stages of bargaining with the Company. Please take a few minutes to carefully review the information inside. Read More...
The Combined Seniority List of Legacy US Airways and Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants
The Combined Seniority List of Legacy US Airways and Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants AFA and APFA are pleased to announce another big step on our way to combining the Flight Attendant groups of the new American Airlines. Read More...
Special MEC Message: In Memory of William McGlashen
Fellow Flight Attendants, Moments ago, our brothers and sisters at Council 66 released the following statement regarding the passing of former AFA Flight Attendant, Officer and Lobbyist, Bill McGlashen: It is with deep sadness and sorrow that I inform you that our dear friend and former Flight Attendant Bill McGlashen passed away today. Read More...
First-Come, First-Served Grievance and Jumpseat Policy Clarification
Yesterday's E-Line provided an update on where we are in the Grievance process regarding the change in the travel policy. It also addressed the Company's announcement that they plan to violate our 25/45 Contractual Language and begin these new policies on August 19th. Read More...
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Optional Short-Term Disability
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The short-term disability plan is completely
voluntary, and provides tax-free benefits in the event you are disabled due to an injury, illness, or pregnancy. 


PBS Information

Support Contacts

Phone: (480) 693-8232
(voicemail and live response system)

PBS Training Specialists are available seven (7) days a week in:

CLT: 0800 - 2130 (C Crew Room) 
CLT: 0800 - 1030 & 1400 - 2130 (D Crew Room) 
DCA: 0800 - 2100 
PHL: 0600 - 2100 (B & A Crew Rooms)  
PHX: 0600 - 2000 (Crew Room) 
PHX: 0800 - 1800 (FTC Room SE 128)

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